scientology beliefs god Things To Know Before You Buy

It is possible to see them flinch and deny the issue. They skirt around the issue or condemn the questioner for inquiring the query.

A person poster My Two Cents, a far more moderate dude, claimed that Ron was so above his human body and enlightened (paraphrase) and finished with his do the job that he was being benevolentvans desirous to totally free space aliens variety his overall body.

To all People continue to standing in protection of Scientology ‘technology’… in the words and phrases of Jason Beghe…”show me a mother fucking clear”.

Scientology is the only real workable system Male has. It's previously taken folks towards increased IQ, better life and everything. No other system has. So realize that it's no competitor. Scientology is actually a workable system. It's got the route taped. The lookup is done. Now the route only should be walked.

But all of this is just the precursor for the bombs which are dropped by Hubbard over the OT levels. This is where the REAL revelation about how other religions need to be viewed is laid down as being the regulation of scientology. The secret materials of OT III depart no doubt.

) meant to deceive the public until they become scientologists and may be appropriately indoctrinated to continue the lie “for PR needs.”

I didn’t are aware that nonsense about the volcano on the cover from the dianetics book, in my exprerience nobody responded to this, The one thing that was successful was a good income method by the person offering the book.

Wow!! This was pretty insightful. I have been pondering about how or if God matches into Scientology. I am able to’t believe how easy it really is for them to just dismiss the considered there being a God since they are simply just told to. Truly definitely unfortunate that men and women have been so very easily sucked in to the Scientology cult.

Why not not focus scientology beliefs brief on the really important things such as “The Homunculi’s” fraudulent levels, his stolen hidden cash?

The person over the cross. There was no Christ but the man around the cross is scientology beliefs about childbirth revealed as every single gentleman so certainly Everyone

Hubbard established Ethics, or punishments for his auditors who made errors during classes. They ended up then pushed overboard on his ships into the h2o, which was "thirty toes, 35 feet" beneath, In accordance with Hana Whitfield, one of many original Sea Org members.

When Brandy claims that she is NOT a member of Scientology, the famous singer and actress admitted that during an exceptionally susceptible time in her life, she dabbled in Scientology by planning to some courses to receive her mind appropriate. This time was needless to say after the car crash she was involved with in 2006 that led for the death of Yet another motorist.

It appears that LRH might have discovered just how that the ancient overlords managed humans and was employing their tech as his very own to manage folks. I generally felt he was fantastic, but not from the benign way that scientologists wish to believe. When I checked out his picture I sensed..deceit. Thanks for what you’re doing. They pressured me to affix The ocean org 30 decades ago.

Penny, very little published in this post is pulled aside bits outside of context. You believe what you should believe and I believe what I want to believe, but Permit’s not fake it’s some thing besides scientology beliefs on abortion what it really is.

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